Car Theft Prevention

100% Cars Theft Deterrent

A fail-safe means of protecting your vehicle.


All KēZ systems are digitally controlled using state-of-the-art microprocessor technology

with security features to the highest level. 

Plug and Play anti-theft adaptor which includes Touch Alert, VIN Authentication and Vehicle Immobilization


The Touch Alert is included in the KēZ app and when activated, if the car is touched, the horn will sound up to 5 times and the headlights flash, which should be a deterrent to the would-be thief.  The sensitivity level can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the driver.


VIN Authentication can be provided electronically to the smartphone of as many approved drivers as is required.

The KēZ adaptor when plugged in will send an in-app notification and SMS messages to the owner when vehicle is started or moving without an approved driver.


Using the KēZ adaptor and app, along with an ignition harness, the vehicle is made immobile unless the driver has VIN Authentication included in his/her smartphone. 

VIN Authentication can be provided electronically to the smartphone of as many approved drivers as is required.

The ignition harness is a standard aftermarket product that is used in millions of vehicles that have remote start, door access, ignition lock for breathalyzers, and other aftermarket products. An installation manual is provided and requires a wire-up into the electrical harness of the vehicle. It can be installed by any competent vehicle electrician.

The harness is connected into the KēZ adaptor and can be supplied by Keyfree.  Its installation should take no longer than 1 hour.


The KēZ device and app (patent pending) through the connected harness will allow for a relay on the ignition source of the vehicle, which is closed unless the KēZ unless VIN Authentication is provided.

Any attempt to start the vehicle without the authentication signal will essentially immobilize the vehicle and not allow the engine to start. The KēZ adaptor provides a compelling theft deterrent for your vehicle.


The KēZ device and app have been designed to exceptionally high standards of security including 256-bit encryption.

The KēZ app allows the owner of the vehicle to customize the use of the Touch Alert and the alert type from audible (sound horn 3-5 times) and/or in-app notifications. 

Once the KēZ VIN Authentication system has been enabled, if there is an attempt to enter the car, including a slight touch, depending on the sensitivity level selected, this will trigger the set alerts in the app. The horn will sound and the headlights will flash, and an in-app message will be immediately sent to the owner, to the police (if appropriate) and to any home security company (if available).

If there is an attempt to remove the adaptor or harness, a pre-programmed in-app notification and SMS messages will be immediately sent to the owner, the police (if appropriate) and to any home security company (if available).

Many jurisdictions allow for direct calls or text messages to be sent to the local police department in the event of an emergency such as theft of a vehicle.  The pre-recorded text message would alert that a potential car theft was in process with details including the name and address of the owner, and information on the location of the car, make, color, license plate, VIN number and any other information required by the authorities.  An alternative would be to have the pre-recorded SMS sent to 911. Ultimately the control over this message is determined by the car owner.

The KēZ device and app (patent pending) will capture numerous aspects of the driver behaviour and store the information on a cloud server.

UBI is expected to grow to over 140 million subscribers globally by 2023.


All KēZ systems are digitally controlled using state-of-the-art microprocessor technology

with security features to the highest level. These additional features are compatible with 85% of vehicles.

Vehicle Access Sharing and Sharing the "Car Keys"

From lending your car to a friend or your family, KēZ is pioneering smart phone-centric technology to power the electronic delivery of vehicle access.

Ability to share the access of the vehicle is provided through the smartphone app, where the receiving party receives an SMS with a link to access the shared vehicle.

Now sharing your car with an approved driver, a mechanic, a mobile detailer, even valet can be accomplished through your smartphone.

 A solution that is easy to install, affordable and entirely secure.

In-Car Delivery

Keyfree Technologies Inc. has developed an efficient and cost effective way to provide ‘in car’ trunk delivery by courier companies.  Assuming the KēZ app is integrated with your delivery courier of choice and the KēZ adaptor is installed in your vehicle, using the smartphone app you can electronically share the “key” to the trunk with the delivery driver.  This would allow parcels to be delivered to the trunk of the vehicle, if necessary on a 24/7 basis.

VIN Authentication

Provides authentication of driver

Driver Behaviour

Keep a record of driver performance

Electronically provide access to your car

Unlock and open doors with you having to be at your vehicle.

Electronically provide access to your trunk

Give anyone access to your trunk with a few taps on your smartphone

Control security features

For example, the horn will honk if the vehicle is touched.

Log battery function

Detect low battery levels so you will never be stranded again.

Mileage tracking

Keep a record of distance travelled

Speed monitoring
& recording

Logs events and notifies you when set speeds
are exceeded

KēZ can also provide telematics for UBI:

The distance you drive

Your time in the car

Your daily routine





The KēZ Smartphone App leverages the smartphone to allow for 3rd party services to dispatch road service such as tow trucks, mobile mechanics, or car detailing.

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Keyfree Technologies works with certified installation shops which can perform the install in under 1 hour.

The vehicle will be further immobilized as the main control device is removed.

The touch alarm can be adjusted on the app to various degrees of sensitivity.  At its highest level, if the car is touched, it will alarm and sound the horn 5 times. This feature can only be immobilized if the adaptor is removed.

Yes. Keyfree Technologies Inc. is prepared to work with any company that sees the substantial benefits of using its adaptor and app to provide anti-theft functions or the other functions that KēZ has to offer.

The anit-theft function requires realtime communication with your vehicle, in order for this to work car owner will need to purchase a SIM card with a monthly data plan of 1GB average.

No. Every purchaser who wishes to acquire any function offered by KēZ does so willingly and with the purchaser’s full written approval.

The KēZ ant-theft device can be “armed” or “disarmed” using the app.  Assuming that it is in the armed mode, the initial attempt to enter the car will sound the horn 3-5 times and/or send in-app notification.  If the intruder enters the car and attempts to start it, without the VIN Authorization, the car is immobilized and will not start.  An immediate SMS text message will be automatically sent to the owner, to the police and to any home security system which the owner may have available.  Any attempt to remove the adaptor or the harness prior to trying to start the car will have a similar security response with a SMS text message sent to the owner, the police and any home security system available.

No. The additional features offered by KeZ are included in your purchase of the anti-theft functions.

The adaptor can deliver100% accurate information on all the above. It has an accelerometer chip which is used to detect and log driver behavior.

No. The KēZ adaptor will not “run down” the battery of the driver’s smartphone.  All the information obtained from the KēZ adaptor and app is stored in its memory and then sent to the KēZ server.