KēZ Plug & Play Adapter
On-Demand Trunk Delivery

Never miss another delivery again!


Get deliveries wherever you park.

Whether you’re at the office or running errands, you can turn your car into a personal mobile locker. You’ll get notifications as your package makes its way to you.

The KēZ Plug-n-Play Adapter and Smarpthone App

The KeZ adapter and app leverages the smartphone to open the car trunk to receive the delivery of parcels.
The KeZ adapter is easily plugged into the OBDII which is located in every car manufactured since 1996
The KēZ app directs the courier to the exact location of the vehicle.

The courier unlocks the trunk for delivery and sends a SMS message to the customer that the package has been delivered.


The KēZ adapter allows for delivery of parcels similar to the Amazon Key car trunk delivery operation.

The Keyfree app directs the courier to the exact location of the vehicle and SMS messages are sent to the customer to confirm the location of the vehicle. Like the Amazon app, once the parcel is delivered the courier has no further access to the vehicle.

The KēZ adaptor is compatitble with 90% of North American vehicles






Car owners can also utilize the following KēZ features:

VIN Verifcation

Smoke Detection

Anti-Theft Device

Driver Behaviour

Coverage of Vehicles

Control security features

For example, the horn will honk if the vehicle is touched.

Log battery function

Detect low battery levels so you will never be stranded again.

Mileage tracking

Keep a record of distance travelled

Speed monitoring
& recording

Logs events and notifies you when set speeds
are exceeded

Smoke detection

Logs events and notifies you when cigarette or cannabis smoke is detected in your car.

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Yes. Keyfree Technologies Inc. is prepared to work with any courrier company that sees the substantial benefits of using its adapter and app in order to provide information to the insurance company of the driving performance of its policyholders.

No. Every user who wishes to enter the program offered by the courier company does so willingly and with the user’s full approval, in order to obtain the benefits of trunk delivery.

No it does not require a data plan, but end users would require a smartphone with internet connectivity to receive a digital key.

The user, whenever required, can use the smartphone app to get status updates and track parcel package progress.

No. The KēZ adapter will not “run down” the battery of the user’s smartphone. All of the information obtained from the KēZ adapter and app is stored on the KēZ server.

KēZ is compatible with most passenger vehicles dating back to 1996. Just enter your vehicle information on “Compatible Vehicles” on the Home page to see if your year and model vehicle is compatible. For some new cars, access will be in conjunction with the vehicles’ API or hardwired harness for which instructions will be available on website or KēZ app.

The courier process is to take a picture once placing the parcel inside your vehicle and a notification will be sent to the customer’s smartphone app.


The courier unlocks the trunk for delivery and sends an SMS message to the customer that the package has been delivered.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve set up KēZ, learn how to link a car to your account.  

There are numerous substantial benefits in using in- car deliveries which include the following:

It is reported that there are over 1 billion multiple deliveries made by courier companies in North America. Each unnecessary additional delivery may cost approximately $15 so we are looking at a potential $15 billion dollar problem. In-car delivery is a guaranteed delivery every time.