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KēZ is protected by 256-bit encryption technology, making it resistant to hacking attempts. It incorporates different layers of digital security features when accessing a vehicle. In addition, digital keys can be disabled or deleted at any timer. KēZ is in fact more secure than your traditional key. It allows you to selectively allocate keys to vehicles or freeze the usage of keys to users anytime.

KēZ is a “plug and play” device and is installed into the OBD port which is under the dashboard of all vehicles manufactured after 1996. An adaptor cord is provided for convenience and ease of installation. A Hardwired harness may be required on certain models related to Door and Trunk access sharing.

On your app, you can either switch to silent or sound an alarm – whichever you prefer. The time and date of the smoking event will be recorded.

Unlike physical keys which can be duplicated and distributed without your knowledge, KēZ allows you to closely manage who has access to your vehicle, and to accurately track who has actually been there, when, and for how long. KēZ, unlike other devices, allows you to create custom keys, so your vehicle can only be accessed by your designated drivers.

KēZ is compatible with most passenger vehicles dating back to 1996. Just enter your vehicle information on “Compatible Vehicles” on the Home page to see if your year and model vehicle is compatible. For some new cars, access will be in conjunction with the vehicles’ API or hardwired harness for which instructions will be available on website or KēZ app.

Yes, because vehicle access is facilitated through Bluetooth communication, not the internet.

No it does not require a data plan, but end users would require a smartphone with internet connectivity to receive a digital key.

In the event that your phone is lost or stolen you can login to another smartphone with your username and password or freeze usage through our online portal. Unlike physical keys, KēZ can be controlled virtually without the need to re-key your vehicle locking system

Yes a key can be sent from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection through Wi-Fi or a data plan.

In the KēZ app you can set the speed to any level, say 100 MPH, and it will record the speed and time at which this speed is exceeded. It does not prohibit exceeding the speed limit set, but will record the dates and times it if it is exceeded.

On the app you can set the security to be at any level you desire. At the highest level if the car is touched the horn will honk.

Go to the KēZ website www.getkez.ca or download the KēZ smartphone app.

KēZ will connect your vehicle to the vehicle’s API to allow you to obtain access and key sharing using the KēZ app. There will be a small monthly fee that you will need to be pay to cover the connection to the API which is on the cloud server.

Motor manufacturers design their cars in different ways. If your vehicle type requires a by-pass harness to work all parts needed will be included with the purchase. Vehicles that come with the connected car functions will be added through the API using the registered user ID and password of the car manufacturer.

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