KēZ Plug & Play Adaptor

Includes the ability to gain access to your car using your smartphone, share your

keys electronically and detect and record smoking in your car.

KeyFree Technologies Inc. has developed the KēZ adaptor (patent pending) that fits into the OBD port of all motor cars built since 1996.

For those motor cars that require a hardwired harness an installation manual will be included.

The KēZ app is easily downloaded to either Android or IOS smartphones. Over-the-air software updates can be easily made to the KēZ adaptor. The KēZ server is cloud based.

What is KēZ?

KēZ is an electronic device that provides access to the vehicle when the correct digital key is provided.

Vehicle Access Sharing

From lending your car to a friend to on-demand car rental and peer-to-peer car sharing for corporate fleets, KēZ is pioneering smart phone-centric technology to power the revolution in vehicle access sharing.

Collaborative sharing is the way of the future. Peer-to-peer car rental is set to revolutionize the way customers share vehicles with one another. The P2P KēZ solution has all the features to facilitate a simple transaction between owners and renters and to eliminate the friction associated with physically handing off keys. A solution that is easy to install, affordable and entirely secure.

Battery Life Sensor

KēZ records your battery’s voltage in real time which you can review on your app when inside the car. Most batteries will last 3-4 years (depending on the driving conditions). The average period of time people keep their car is 79.3 months, so a battery replacement could well be needed during that 6 1/2 years. An audible double beep alert will sound when your car voltage is below 11.4v.

Security Alarm

The alarm system in most cars are sophisticated but will only alarm if there is an attempted intrusion. The KēZ app has variable adjustment capability and it can be adjusted to the highest level so that if the car is touched the alarm will be activated and the horn will honk. Keeping your vehicle protected at all times. 

The KēZ has been designed to
carry out the following functions:


Door Access


Trunk Access


Smoke Detection


Battery Evaluation


Mileage log


Speed log

Protection & Peace of Mind

All KēZ systems are fully digitally controlled using state of the art microprocessor technology

with security features to the highest level.

Electronically provide
access to your car

Unlock and open doors without you having to be at your vehicle.

Electronically provide
access to your trunk

Give anyone access to your trunk with a few taps on your phone.

Log battery

Detect low battery levels so you will never be stranded again.

Equip your car with additional security

Smartphone app controls sensitivity of this feature

Mileage tracking

Keep a record of distance travelled

Speed monitoring
& recording

Logs events and notifies you when set speeds
are exceeded

Smoke detection

Logs events and notifies you when cigarette, cannabis or vape smoking is detected in your car.

Smoke Detection

From lending your car to a friend to on-demand car rental and peer-to-peer car sharing for corporate fleets, KēZ is pioneering smart phone-centric technology to power the revolution in smoke detection.

The KēZ adaptor and app provides a smoke detector and log which can detect smoking within the vehicle and will create a silent history record, and if required a sound alert if smoke is detected. The history log is created to record the time, date and level of smoking within the vehicle which can be downloaded from the KēZ app. 

Car valuation experts say that cars can lose as much as $2000 from their resale value if they have been smoked in. 

Many rental and car sharing companies charge a penalty for smoking in the car, KēZ will record the sate and time of an occurrence and will sound an alarm if required.

In-Car Delivery

Keyfree Technologies Inc. has developed an efficient and cost effective way to provide ‘in car’ trunk delivery by courier companies.  Assuming the KēZ app is integrated with your delivery courier of choice and the KēZ adaptor is installed in your vehicle, us

ing the smartphone app you can electronically share the “key” to the trunk with the delivery driver.  This would allow parcels to be delivered to the trunk of the vehicle, if necessary on a 24/7 basis.

The KēZ Smartphone App leverages the smartphone to allow for vehicle access sharing , smoke detection , car security , speed detection , distance logs and rust deterrent.

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