What is KēZ?  KēZ is a technology solution that allows car owners to share digital car keys without having to exchange physical keys in person. A small adaptor is installed in to the OBD2 port of  your car that allows you to provide access through the KēZ app. The adaptor and the smartphone app, in addition to allowing you to share vehicle access, have the following features; detect and log smoking inside the car, your car battery performance, enhance vehicle security alarm, assist with rust and corrosion protection, and speeding detection.

How does it work? Install the KēZ adaptor, download the smartphone app and register your vehicle(s). Leave your physical keys in the glove box and use KēZ to send a “digital key” to users to allow them to access the car through the app. All features are controlled through the smartphone app.

What cars are eligible? KēZ is compatible with roughly 95% of cars dating back to 1996. KēZ is not compatible with electric cars. Use the Compatible Vehicles to determine which features are available for your car(s).

How do I get it? Search our Compatible Vehicles to confirm if your vehicle is compatible.Learn More

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